Annette Duckworth

Annette’s Story:
The natural world is truly remarkable. We humans can be brilliantly creative, but nothing we make is a patch on Mother Nature. And the world of the honey bee is a prime example of nature’s genius. I cannot remember when I first thought of keeping bees, but when the children left home, I had the time, and the moment was right. I was very well taught at the Bee Club, so had success from the beginning, and the amount of honey I can harvest from the three hives in my garden in a good year is astonishing.

Beekeepers traditionally make soap, so I learnt how to make soap at a workshop run for beekeepers. But the secret is in the recipe.Soap can dry the skin if the recipe is wrongly balanced. Also many handmade soaps are not firm enough to cope with the rigours of daily life. So I had to experiment.

About our products:
A good soap is one of life’s simple luxuries. It must clean, but gently, and the fragrance must be a joy. All solid soap is made using Sodium Hydroxide to convert the fats to soap and glycerine. Apart from that, my soap contains only food grade vegetable oils sustainably produced, honey, milk, and of course fragrance. I have road tested many Fragrance Oils, and found some real treasures. To this collection I am starting to add Essential Oils when they are the better choice.
Why do I love my soap? Because it is mild enough to make hand cream almost unnecessary for me, even in the winter. It has a beautiful lather, and is firm enough to keep its shape and last for ages. All through the day, a waft of scent from a quick hand wash is a moment to enjoy.

The online shop:
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